A Small Town with Big Possibilities

Photos courtesy of Kip Shaw


Edenton NC may be a small town but it has provided us with a BIG life. In Edenton, we have access to endless water, gorgeous woods, epic history, and incredible people. Nestled close to the Virginia Beach metro area and the world-famous Outer Banks, Edenton provides us with world-class adventures from the comfort and safety of a small close-knit community. Everything we’ve ever wanted has been right here all along.

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Big Life in a Small Town

Follow us as we carve out an abundant life in the Inner Banks, a place of beauty, diversity, and adventure everywhere you look.

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Edenton sunset.jpg

Quiet Beauty

Beautiful sunsets over the Albelmarle Sound with reflections of cypress trees in the water

Photo by Kip Shaw


In Edenton, my family found the life we’d been looking for, and more.

— Tyler Bream


Prettiest Small Town in the South

A host of National historic landmarks meticulously preserved have made Edenton one of the “Prettiest Small Towns in the South.”

Photo Courtesy of Kip Shaw